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SALTO KS officially launches in South Africa

SALTO KS officially launches in South Africa

Concept Store is proud to be the official distributor of SaltoKS in South Africa.

Launched on 28 September 2017, the Concept Store welcomed industry professionals and the likes of to an incredible evening to exhibit this state-of-the-art technology.

Innovative SALTO KS (keys as a service) is a truly cost-effective access control solution that can be managed via a laptop or mobile app. With real-time reporting to the mobile app, control and convenience are combined. Access is managed in the cloud 24/7 if needed. Doors can be remotely opened or locked; users rights can be changed, fobs can be blacklisted all at the press of a button.With an attractive pay per user subscription model and no software installation needed, a state of the art access control solution is now available to all size organisations.

This cloud based solution has three simple to install elements. A stylish cloud connector which finds its way to the cloud all by itself, all that is needed is two screws and a power socket to get up and running.State of the art SALTO door furniture that fits every door and can be installed without the need for drilling and are fully wireless. A well designed fob is the key to the system, available in five colours and using RFID technology with no batteries to worry about. These powerful fobs are easy to manage and impossible to duplicate.

SALTO KS boasts bank level security with proven reliability and stability making this one of the most powerful and functional access control systems on the market today.

Contact Concept Store for a demonstration: +27 (0)10 599 0330