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New XS4 ONE: Innovation from original to cutting edge

New XS4 ONE: Innovation from original to cutting edge

Welcome to a new design concept, jump to tomorrow’s access control design standard and ensure that both your building’s security and visual appeal are taken to a new level.

Stylish design is a SALTO trademark and with the XS4 2.0 platform, we raise the bar on this already high standard thanks to the small, discreet size combined with a modern, clean LED aesthetic. The XS4 2.0 new range simplifies installation in virtually any kind of door, complementing any type of atmosphere. It’s the ideal solution for any door where there is a need to control access.

SALTO XS4 One mosaicThe new SALTO XS4 One is the evolution of the Original model with a built-in, totally new reader available in two colours and is part of the innovative SALTO XS4 2.0 platform offers a wide range of the most comprehensive and versatile products, which allows SALTO to provide a complete access control solution for diverse sectors - from office and government buildings to healthcare, public institutions, education, hospitality and airports.

Security, efficiency, reliability and design are all essential aspects of access control. With the new XS4 One and the rest of the XS4 2.0 now its possible to integrates all your physical security needs through networked, stand-alone locks and online readers, giving you real-time access control for virtually all of the doors on your facility. This innovative, wire-free technology allows stand-alone electronic escutcheons to read, receive and write information via its operating smart cards. This data is captured from the cards at SVN online IP access points located at strategic points around the building. The “updating points” upload and download user related information that is then used to permit, control or deny access.

The XS4 One incorporates the advanced SALTO Wireless technology, which makes possible to configure your access plan, control and manage your complete installation in real-time with just the click of a mouse. Changing or deleting access rights, downloading audit trail information from the escutcheons, collecting the battery status and much more is done in real-time in a very efficient way. Even if the radio link is interrupted or breaks down, the system will continue to work, as the virtual network of the battery-operated escutcheons remains operative through SALTO SVN.

- Simple installation is possible on any type of door, including those with narrow frames.
- Body and escutcheon made of steel.Available with mechanical cylinder cut outs for key override or access lock outs (override European and Cam profile cylinder) with audit trail facility available.
- Mechanical or electronic privacy option.
- AMOK option for offline lockdown.Reversible handle left or right escutcheon.
- Clutch mechanism escutcheon; when unlocked handle moves freely.
- Reader available in two different colours and seven finishes.